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Holiday Request


Holiday rules
28 days per annum – so as we have less than 12 people in any department, the following apply:

  • No chefs can have same time on holiday across all sites

  • No managers or assistant manager can be off at same time across all sites

  • No managers to use weekend days off if other managers are away on annual leave

  • Chefs and managers must look at all sites as they are part of all set rules across sites

  • All 75% of a persons holiday entitlement must be used up by 31st December leaving 25% to take from 1 January - March 31 

  • No any two staff off per site at any same time

  • No bakers off at any same time 

  • No drivers off at any same time


Notice Period

4 weeks notice is required on all contracts unless agreed otherwise. Accrued Holiday cannot be used towards notice period. Incorrect notice will instigate any salary/wage payments all to be made on the last payment date of the employees pay cycle, even if the penultimate pay date.


Privacy Notice

In order to process your holiday request, we will require that you provide us with certain basic information. If you do not provide the required information, this may hinder the organisation’s ability to administer the rights and obligations arising as a result of the employment relationship efficiently. Please note that basic information such as your name, holiday dates and email address will be visable to other Jungs employees on the internal holiday booking calendar. This calendar is password protected and not visible to external individuals. Should you prefer any of this information to remain private, please send a direct request to your line manager and do not use the holiday booking forms linked below.

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